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Advertising promotional keychains gifts of value and potential business opportunities

  • In today's business things, giving keychains gifts also play a very important role. Business keychains gifts Americans call it special advertising,  is advertising promotion, dissemination of brand, establish the corporate image of the most direct advertising.

    Appropriate gift not only expressed the mind, let the other unconsciously accepted the advertising, to achieve the effect of publicity or promotion, indeed another business favored.

    We will be divided into four categories of business gifts: conference gifts, public relations gifts, promotional gifts and celebrations gifts, covering almost all the gifts of the purpose and form of business in the process of doing business will be of great benefit.

    One, classification
    Promotional gifts refer to those who printed the company logo, distributed (most of the time is free) to the customer's gift. In general promotional gifts include the following two categories:

    1. Is a business keychains gift. This refers to the company in order to promote the product or to allow customers to further understand the company's brand, product, the latest news, presented some promotional gifts in some special days .

    2. Is a staff incentive plan. The use of gifts to reward those who work proactively, get good results of the staff, can improve their loyalty to the company. This is the most used in the human resources sector.

    Enterprise keychains gifts and free gifts increasingly expensive. Last year, the Dutch media used a lot of advertising to attract customers with valuable gifts, such as mortgage for the house to get free travel and so on. The strategy of selling products and products to sell prizes and gifts is becoming increasingly popular.

    In addition, car dealers to get for new customers, have launched out of car simulation models and special offers, including free complimentary car navigation and dvd system more directly equipped with detection radar system.

    As for the food and detergent, usually accompanied by daily life related to practical promotional items and discount sales, shopping malls, banks have membership card brush points can be discounted and in exchange for a variety of practical and novelty small gifts. There are children's toys, backpacks and other countless promotional gifts.

    Second, promotional gifts need to meet the main requirements

    1. With the corporate philosophy or product performance to be persuasive, can fully demonstrate the brand concept;
    2. To make the target consumers interested in gifts, access to consumers favor;
    3. Have a shock, novelty and extraordinary;
    4. have a good emotional;
    5. good consistency.