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Cool Wholesales's Blog
Gifts Play Which Role in the Sales Promotion Activity?

  • First of all, we need to figure out one issue: gifts play which role in the sales promotion activity? After analyzing these problems, it's not hard for us to find out that there are only three effects of promotion activities.


    1. Attract attention, strive for more customers, gather popularity.
    2. Stay locked customers, strive for more time, improve conversion rates.
    3. Stimulus temptation to buy.


    Knowing the effects of the three aspects, then we can make promotional gift of strategy which makes things relatively easy to many people.


    First of all, in order to attract sustomers' attention, we just need to let them know that we are doing activities, and at this time, gift strategy only need to serve the purpose of advertisment. So we have to choose the presents which should be useful for customers and they don't want to throw away, and let other people to know that the store is during promotion activities.


    Secondly, in order to keep customers, we need to longer the time that they stay in the store, so the opportunity that we contact customers will increase a lot. Everyone who gets in the store can get the promotion gift, so they might stay for a while ,than this could be a chance. Gift strategy at this moment must be paying attention to the delicate, distinctive and outstanding value,  so they can come in handy, and when described in gifts, be sure to use the words "value is equal to the price", so to lock customers enough, let them feel gift really worth. Make customers more willing to receive gifts, and after receive the gift, they also feel really feel sorry to leave, so we can say that we reach the purpose of promotion. Specific gift choice: beautiful umbrellas, durable poncho, lovely pillow, cervical pillow, wooden hand string, etc., visual, of course, the price of high and low, limiting the number of a certain.


    Finally, we can lure customers to buy, even strive for more customers to purchase, so as to realize the real purpose of our promotion - lift sales. Then our gift strategy, must let customers to solve real feeling of the bargain, its allure is strong enough. So this gift must have these characteristics: excellent quality and reasonable price, strong practicability, subsequent-using value, improve after-sales service, etc. Of course, the present strategy must also be combined with promotional activities in the consumption level degree, only in this way can we dig as much as possible the customer's potential consumption,  and achieve sales. In terms of household building materials industry, we can buy the product according to the different period of decoration.


    Each promotion process, for different industries, different product categories, different competition states, when choosing gifts depend on the specific situation, finally achieve promotion effects of the above three aspects, and to try to control the gift costs (generally no more than 3% of activity overall performance targets), eventually lift sales and achive purpose of sales promotion.