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Key features of the keychains


    1. Decorative: Although the key ring, you can also hang in the bag, as a bag buckle, this is the choice of fashionable girls; remove a small circle, it can show strange when the home decorations; children plaything, But only children Over three years of age to avoid eating.

    2. Material characteristics: mainly made of alloy, does not rust, do not worry about aging, easy maintenance.

    3. Volume: light weight, easy to carry, and fashion avant-garde, exquisite small, everyone likes them.

    4. Price advantage: inexpensive, the overall embodiment of four excellent, excellent function, excellent materials, excellent performance, excellent prices, easier for consumers to accept.

    5. Couple gift: key ring is a daily practical small decoration, also easy to let people take the key easily, let the young people to express the fashion experience, reflecting the personal taste of the new type of carrier. For the lover to create a unique key chain, so that he at any time to accompany you, so that your sweet forever!

    6. Promotional gifts: gifts as a link of human emotions, to bring the ritual of the more spiritual satisfaction. Based on this, the ritual of the gifts received by the individual aspects of the psychological expectations, often more than their own direct consumption of goods much greater. And only as much as possible to meet the narrator in the individual aspects of the expected, the gift can really shoulder the gift of the emotions, and then truly realize the gift itself in the minds of the value of the recipient.

    Now a lot of school graduation nostalgia, the company anniversary celebration, the company presented gifts and so want to order key ring, but do not know how to order. In fact, very simple, as long as you provide your key chain sketch, key ring manufacturers cool wholesales will help you design, produce the keychains you want. It is best to choose the metal keychains, because the metal material key ring general mold fee is relatively cheap, suitable for a small number of customized products. This metal key ring, the best production process is imitation enamel process. If you like the strong sense of bump, you can choose the paint process. If you are a souvenir with a key ring, you can choose the printing process key ring, because the printing process can be the same as the camera, the beautiful tourist attractions printed on the surface of the key chain pendant, you can completely reproduce the tourist attractions to commemorate.