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Several incorrect ideas for select Keychains gifts

  • In today's marketing era, Keychains gifts is a very effective marketing tool. As a representative of the corporate image, Keychains gifts are one of the most effective technologies to keep customers and acquire new business, it can quickly promote sales, but also can effectively cope with competition. In the face of the market more and more forms of promotion, gift homogeneity more and more serious, end consumer concept of more and more rational, Keychains gifts into a heavy misunderstanding.


    Misunderstanding 1: think the cheaper the price the better


    Keychains gifts has always been through the free gift means to spread the brand awareness and enterprise products, so that consumers, customers through the gifts to remember the company's products or corporate image. What the business wants is a positive impression every time a customer or potential customer looks at a promotional gift to achieve sales.


    But many companies in the choice of promotional gifts, are cheaper to cheap, that as long as the gift will be recognized by customers, in fact, this is not the case. At present, the rational consumption of consumers  continues to rise, that is, if you choose the promotional gift value is too low and product failure, then a considerable part of the customer will have a skeptical attitude to the enterprise, or even give up with the enterprise All products and services. Since it is free of charge, companies in the cost of compression at the same time also choose good quality gifts, product quality must be guaranteed, to your customers really satisfied with the gift.


    Misunderstanding 2: that advertising gift is LOGO + advertising words


    Now the market common Keychains gifts, only with company logo and print a few advertising words. This advertising gift is too blunt, the intention is obvious, the lack of emotional level of effective communication, it's hard to move people. At the same time, can not be established in the minds of consumers intimacy, also can not narrow the relationship between business and consumers.


    In the gift (packaging) on ??the printing business LOGO, which is the most traditional approach. However, in this LOGO inflated gift market, not the more eye-catching LOGO, the larger the font, the more can cause great repercussions. Therefore, LOGO to be good at "hidden" but without losing the role of publicity, such Keychains gifts have real value.


    Misunderstanding 3: the larger the better advertising


    In the choice of Keychains gifts, many companies often choose to have the largest advertising position of the gift, think this will have a higher degree of attention, to achieve better communication promotion effect. But is that really the case? The contents of an advertising gift must not be too much. from the packaging to the product, both inside and outside are surrounded by commercial advertising, it will make consumers, customers disgusted, and even thrown into the trash.


    In general, the size of the contents can not exceed one third of the volume of the gift, but for special circumstances, can be modified according to the actual situation. In short, the size of the contents to the gift can not affect the beauty of the principle, but also need to pay attention to the color of the overall mix, contents and gifts better fusion and not appear to be unexpected or weird. Choose a relatively eye-catching or focus on the location, you can attract the attention of consumers, to achieve the effect of communication.


    As an emotional stepping stone, a suitable advertising gift can meet your company's advertising goals, involving corporate ideas, in a low-cost way to help your sales. Only to avoid the selection of Keychains gifts error ideas, in order to choose a real good gift.