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We should know this knowledge in the giving gifts

  • 1.  The gift itself may be small,but the goodwill is deep. gifts should be considered specific circumstances and occasions. Generally in the date of appointment, should be for the other side with some small gifts, such as bouquets, special local product and so on. Invited to participate in the wedding, in addition to art decorations, but also presented bouquets and practical items, New Year, Christmas, the general can giving calendars, wine, tea, candy and so on.

    2. The timing and manner of giving gifts.  Gifts should be presented in person. But sometimes to attend the wedding, can also be sent in advance. Congratulations on the festivals, giving gifts to the New Year, can be sent to the door or mail. At this time should be accompanied a gift card of the sender, but also handwritten letters installed in the envelope, the envelope marked the name of the recipient. Often, It's not appropriate to present a gift to someone in public. Because the people who accept the gift will be bribed and fooled by the feeling, and haven't gift's people have feeling of cold and despised. It is not advisable to give gifts to a person who are close to you in order to avoid giving the public the feeling that your relationship is entirely dependent on money. Only a special gift, it is appropriate to presented in front of a large crowd. Because then the public has become your true friendship witness. Such as a special souvenir.

    3. Attitude is friendly, words are appropriate. Giving gifts should pay attention to attitude, action and language expression. Peaceful and friendly, generous action and accompanied by courtesy of language expression will make the people willing to accept gift.  It should be emphasized that your friendship, rather than emphasize the actual value of the gift, otherwise, it fell into only the value of the gift without the friendship of friends, even So that the other side has a feeling of accepting bribes.

    4. Consider the custom. you should consider the acceptance of accept people's customs, is one of the norms of social etiquette, for the choice of gifts, should also meet the requirements of this specification. The choice of gifts, to be different for the different object. In general, the poor, to the benefits of better; for the rich, to fine is better; for lovers, lovers, lover, to commemorate better; to friends, to taste better; for the elderly, practical Is better; for children, to Wisdom Fun is better; for foreign guests, to better characteristics.

    5. Gift must be consistent with the principle of taboo. For example, China generally has a "good thing in pairs", and thus congratulate the festivals, like double-pcs, some Chinese do not like the number : "4", because in China, "4" and "dead", Chinese sounds the same. No matter how good the white, although the meaning of pure flawless, but the Chinese people are more taboo, because in China, white is often sad and the color of poverty. And red, it is festive, peaceful, celebrate the symbol, by the people's general favorite. In addition, couples or lover can not giving pears, "pear" and "leaving" the same pronunciation in Chinese, is unlucky. Also, can not for healthy people to giving drugs, can not giving personal supplies for the opposite sex, etc.