PVC keychain production process knowledge

PVC keychain production mainly rely on the mold and drop mould technology, the mold production need to arved out the opposite pattern, in the color of the place, the mold will have a separate slot. drop mould process is the corresponding point in the corresponding color, the final heating liquid glue curing, it formed!


PVC key chain production

First, according to the customer's product design open mold, at the same time with the production of key ring needed raw materials. production will starting after the sample was confirmed by customer.

PVC keychain sample costs of open mold: usually 60-150usd


PVC keychain and product promotions

In countries and regions where the animation industry is developed, merchants often combine PVC keychains with the recently popular cartoon characters or the more classic cartoon characters to make the cartoon PVC keychain as a promotional gift, and integrate the company's logo or name into the promotion Gift design or printed on the back of the key ring. Cartoon keychain modeling cute, and more practical so it is easy to get the customer's approval, the key ring is recognized by the customer is also recognized by the company's brand.