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Thematic analysis of the keychain design

  • According to people's requirements on the aesthetic requirements of modern keychains, the theme of modern keychain design should focus on the following three aspects:

    1. Reflect the national charm

    With the advent of postmodernism, people began to search for a ray of nostalgia as well as how many sights of ancient thought. Keychain began to use a variety of original materials and traditional graphics as a design element, reflecting the people's pursuit of the traditional and close to nature.

    Many ancient art forms can absorb and draw lessons from. This kind of absorption and borrowing includes two forms: the first is to apply the ancient pattern as a symbol, an element or a form directly to modern keychain works of art, The second one is to use the spirit and connotation to express the author's own thoughts and information on the basis of understanding the spiritual essence and aesthetic connotation of the ancient pictorial designs so as to create a new pictorial design on the keychain designs . This is achieved after the designer fully studies and understands the aesthetic characteristics and spiritual essence of style. These works can reflect the simple and honest national culture, people feel more cordial.

    The excavation of the traditional themes needs to be built on their own deep understanding, to avoid simply imitating or not innovating, so as to fall into the embarrassing realm that is incompatible with the times, but to blend them through the modern and classical cultures The artistic design techniques to build a personalized atmosphere.

    2. Into the native affection

    Nature is the source of inspiration for human innovation, and the information of human creation is derived from the bionic simulation of nature. At the same time, with the development of modern social science and technology, convenient computer networks and information transmission tools have led to people's living being increasingly artificial and mechanized away from nature. Therefore, people's hearts are more deeply yearning toward nature, in the depths of the soul more hope to get some comfort and peace. As a result, more and more people began to pay attention to "green design." And often the personification of plants. Because of this, many plants and flowers have become a symbol of personal pursuit of life and spiritual sustenance.

    keychains designers or wearers to live in the flowers, trees, birds and animals into a rich and vivid moral, used to express the good wishes of the people, these can be used bionic keychain design reflected. Advocating bionic design, allowing design to return to nature and giving jewelry a symbol of life is the pursuit of spiritual life by humankind, which reflects human instinctual dependence on nature.

    3. Additional special features

    If the keychain design attached to specific features, such as nail clippers, photo frames, bottle opener, the keychain can become a gadget, both to increase the company LOGO in the minds of users, but also enhance the business and users Between the sticky, is a good idea.

    In today's design, designers do not pursue the image of lifelike, more inclined to shape "similar", with a simple abstraction to deal with the shape gives the imagination. And deliberately revealed traces of manual processing, in order to strengthen the design theme, making it full of human emotional factors and fresh vitality. The life vitality of the bionic keychain mainly comes from people's feelings in that part of the country complex and the ecological awareness of the natural world, people feel a sense of self-life and vitality, so as to arouse people's potential to cherish the life, and give people Comfort and security. This pursuit of fresh, simple, pay attention to simplicity and explore the self-discipline of personalized keychain, has become the trend of modern keychain design.