Custom gifts should pay attention to these details

Enterprises will use customized gifts in marketing, customer maintenance, employee benefits, corporate information and other occasions. What is a customized gift? To put it simply, it means that according to the actual needs of the enterprise itself, on the basis of the original gift or original design plan, the company's unique logo is added to achieve the role of corporate image promotion. Combined with reality, according to the level of customization, there are about several types:

1. On the basis of the original product, add the company's logo, such as LOGO, etc.

2. Delete the logo of the existing product and replace the logo of the enterprise itself.

3. Design and customize after fully opening the mold.

Therefore, customizing gifts is a complicated process with many key points. So what kind of gifts need to be customized in real life? What problems should we pay attention to in customization?

1. Common customized gifts
1. Enterprise office

Including: art creative mug, office stationery, notepad/notebook, business card case, etc.

2. Electronic gifts

Including: mobile U disk customization, car navigator, car purifier, etc.;

3. Employee benefits

Including: traditional holiday gift boxes, bags and leather goods, household appliances, bedding and home textiles, etc.

4. Promotional gifts

Including: key chain, charger, shopping bag, creative home, etc.;

5. Crafts

Including: crystal trophies, business decorations, business decorations, etc.

6. Outdoor gifts

Including: mountaineering bag, storage bag, wash bag, etc.

2. Common Precautions for Customized Gifts
1. Determination of the actual effect of customization and processing technology

To customize a gift, first design a simple rendering for the gift, communicate with the customer and supplier to confirm, confirm with the customer whether it meets the customer's effect, and confirm with the supplier whether it can be produced. Then refer to this design drawing for proofing, so that not only can avoid blind processing, but also can always control the final display effect of the gift.

Depending on the product, different processes may be required when processing the product. This requires getting in touch with customers, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of various processing technologies to customers, recommending product technologies reasonably, and striving to better meet customer needs.

2. Customized cost management

Production cost

If you want to customize a gift, you must first select the corresponding product, which includes selecting a supplier. In this link, you must "shop around", and choose a company with a higher price to avoid unnecessary cost consumption from the source. Customization itself needs to increase the cost. After confirming the effect of customization, the communication between customers and suppliers can be maintained, and gift customization can be carried out within the customer's budget.

Order Quantity Control

According to the different order quantity, the price of the product is very different. Therefore, when in contact with customers, it is necessary to maintain communication with customers, ensure the customer's budget, and at the same time reduce the price of a single product as much as possible.

Grasp the custom construction period

Since customized gifts are mostly customized, the time period for customized gifts may be very long. In the overall time period, there are workflows such as information collection, negotiation, reservation order, design samples, customer confirmation, order making, and shipment. Therefore, every step should be accelerated, every step should not be taken lightly, and time cost should be controlled with maximum efficiency.