Eight basics on how to drink the perfect coffee

1. When drinking coffee, pay attention to the drinking temperature. Drink the coffee while it is hot. 91-96 degrees Celsius can best release the original flavor and aroma, and 85-88 degrees Celsius is the best. For example, using an insulated coffee mug can slow down the cooling of the coffee.

2. Before drinking coffee, take a sip of cold water to clean your mouth. Before drinking it, take a sip of ice water. Ice water can help the coffee taste emerge vividly, so that every taste bud on the tongue is fully prepared to experience the delicious coffee.

3. When adding sugar before drinking coffee, do not add white sugar, adding raw sugar tastes the best.

4. The use of the coffee spoon is only used to stir the coffee. When drinking, you should take out the coffee cup, and avoid drinking coffee directly with the coffee spoon.

5. Milk ball bubbles have high cholesterol, so it is best to use fresh milk as seasoning.

6. Pay attention to the posture of holding the coffee cup. The ear of the coffee cup is so small that your fingers cannot pass through it. The correct way to hold the cup is with your index finger and thumb.

7. When drinking coffee, you can use some snacks appropriately, but don't hold the coffee cup in one hand and the snacks in the other, and alternate between eating and drinking. Put down your snacks when you drink coffee, and put down your coffee cup when you eat snacks.

8. The position of the cup and saucer holding the coffee cup should be placed correctly. Cups and saucers for holding coffee are specially made, they should be placed in front or on the right side of the drinker, and the ear of the cup should point to the right. When drinking coffee, you can hold the ear of the coffee cup with your right hand, gently hold the coffee saucer with your left hand, and slowly move to your mouth to sip. It is not advisable to hold the cup full, and it is not advisable to bow your head to the coffee cup.