Keychain gift to the customer's four major value

1, The value of use: keychain must meet the practical needs of consumers in order to enhance the taste, to achieve individual value and psychological value and other higher level needs. In order to realize the use value of the keychain, it is necessary to pay attention to product quality, make it have the function of facilitating the use of consumers, and be market-oriented.

2, Functional value: the functional needs of consumers is an extension of the value of use, breaking the function of value can achieve the humanistic concept. Compared with the traditional keychain, the keychain of the gift has greatly developed in function concept. Therefore, the type, scale and structure of the gift keychain must be compatible with the new technology and new equipment to ensure the realization of the function. Thoughtful gift keychain designed to work people comfortable and convenient, improve the taste of life.

3, The value of personality: In order to achieve the individual needs of consumers, the gift keychain has a higher level of requirements, you can demonstrate business personality through business functions, to achieve brand value. Show the strength of enterprises, creating a business climate, consumers can truly feel the corporate culture.

4, The psychological value: to allow customers to enjoy the joy to accept the gift keychain, which has always been the pursuit of the CW keychains manufacturer. Consumer emotional needs, psychological feelings can be adjusted through the gift keychain, and strive to form a pleasant, natural environment gift keychain, change the stereotypes of the traditional keychain, so that freshness.