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Cool Wholesales's Blog
Six advantages of cool keychains

  • Speaking of keychains, many people think of access control keychain cards. In fact, there are many types of keychains today. Some are keychains for event promotions, some are souvenirs, etc. All of them can be made into the shape of keychains. Below, cool wholesales summarizes the six characteristics of keychains for us.

    The six characteristics of the keychain are as follows:

    1. In terms of volume: light weight, easy to carry, fashionable and avant-garde, exquisite and small, everyone loves it.

    2. Material characteristics: It is mainly made of alloy, which will not rust when exposed to water, so there is no need to worry about aging, and it is easy to maintain.

    3. Decorative: Although it is a keychain, it can also be hung on the bag as a bag buckle, which is the choice of fashion girls; remove the small buckle, it can be used as a home decoration, and it can be used as a child. Playthings, but only for children over three years old to avoid accidental ingestion.

    4. Price advantage: high quality and low price, the overall embodiment has four advantages, excellent function, excellent material, excellent performance, and excellent price, which is relatively easy for consumers to accept.

    5. Promotional gifts: As a bond of human emotion, gifts bring more spiritual satisfaction to the recipient. Based on this, the recipients' psychological expectations for the personalization of the gifts they receive are often much larger than the personalized expectations for the products they spend directly on consumption. Only by meeting the recipient's personal expectations as much as possible can the gift truly bear the emotion conveyed by the gift-giver, and then truly realize the value of the gift itself in the recipient's mind.

    6. Gifts for couples: The couple keychain is a small daily and practical decoration, and it is also a convenient key for people to take, and also a fashionable experience for young people to express, reflecting people's personal taste. New emerging carrier. Create a unique keychain for your loved one, let the person around you accompany you at any time, and let your sweetness follow you forever!