What are the wedding etiquette and gifts?

Elegant and romantic styles and fresh and light colors are suitable for every season. But as a prospective couple, do you know why western weddings are dominated by white? The editor will explain to you the eight customs of western weddings.


1. The diamond ring is used as an engagement ring, and the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger

According to Western European customs, a long time ago, the engagement ring was only part of the bride price given by the man to the woman. The use of diamond rings as engagement rings is mainly due to the unparalleled hardness, high-quality transparency and rare quantity of diamonds. At the same time, diamonds also imply eternal and bright love.

The ring finger has been used to wear wedding rings since ancient Roman times. According to legend, this finger is connected to the heart and is most suitable for expressing sacred vows. There are important acupuncture points on the ring finger. Wearing the ring on it can moderately press the muscles and have the effect of stabilizing emotions.

2. Candle lighting ceremony at the wedding

Candles in Western weddings represent the respective families of the bride and groom; the continuation of life.


3. The bride should wear a white wedding dress

Since Roman times, white has symbolized celebration. Between 1850 and 1900, white was also a symbol of affluence. White wedding dresses were most popular during the Victorian era. Back then, Queen Victoria wore a beautiful white wedding dress to marry her sweetheart. White symbolizes purity and fidelity.


4. Pour a tower of champagne at the wedding

The champagne tower originated in the West, which symbolizes the solidity of sweet love and the eternal commemoration of a happy marriage. The two newlyweds opened the champagne and slowly poured it into the multi-layer cup tower, implying that the love has a long history. Champagne not only has a smooth, fresh, and easy-to-approach taste, but also keeps rising and surging bubbles like beads, and the happy mood of the happy drinking moment reaches the highest point together with the wedding atmosphere at any time of the season.


5. Cutting the cake at the wedding

Cakes have been an integral part of festive rituals since Roman times. In those days, at the end of the wedding, a loaf of bread would be broken off on the bride's head. Wheat, the material for making bread, symbolizes fertility. The bread crumbs represent luck, and guests are all vying to pick them up. Later, imaginative bakers decorated the cake with icing, and it became today's beautiful and delicious wedding cake.


6. Bouquet throwing ceremony at theme wedding

This tradition originated in the early days of Britain. At weddings, guests often competed for ornaments or pieces of clothing on the bride's body in order to bring good luck. Later, it evolved into the custom of throwing bouquets. The bride throws the bouquet back to everyone, and whoever is lucky enough to receive it will be the next person to get married.


7. The origin of the bridal veil

Originally, the bridal veil symbolized youth and purity. In the early years, Christian brides either wore a white veil to show purity and celebration; or wore a blue veil to show the purity of the Virgin Mary. It is said that Nelly Wallace, the granddaughter of Martha Washington, wore a white scarf ingeniously when she got married, which set off a fashion. This is the origin of the custom of today's bride wearing a white veil. There is also a saying that it is used to cover the bride's face, in case her old lover sees it and becomes jealous and spoils the wedding.


8. Passing the Threshold and the Favor of the Wedding

In a wedding, the bride must be carried across the threshold by the groom when she enters the door. It is said that this is because their families spread honey on the threshold of their new house in order to hope that their marriage will be as sweet as honey. The groom picks up the bride to keep the honey from sticking to her dress. There is also a saying that their family members spread the best oil and herbs on the threshold, and in order to prevent the bride from accidentally slipping, the groom will pick up the bride and step over.

In order to thank the guests at the wedding, relatives and friends are required to give small gifts to bring joy and gratitude to every friend, such as photo keychains with photos of the new couple, handicrafts, snacks, etc.