What should be paid attention to when customizing Promotional T-Shirts? How to choose a suitable advertising shirt?

Promotional T-Shirts generally refer to POLO shirts or T-shirts printed with corporate slogans or advertising slogans and patterns. Therefore, many companies will expand the publicity effect by customizing advertising shirts during the advertising stage. But for most enterprises, the customization of advertising shirts is vague, and it is impossible to determine whether the quality of advertising shirts meets the requirements. Inferior advertising shirts will have a negative impact on corporate image. Next, the details that need to be paid attention to when customizing advertising shirts will be explained.

1. Advertising shirt customization - fabric selection

First of all, when choosing fabrics, we should consider not only the comfort, but also whether the fabrics are easy to fade. At the same time, the position of the customized logo on the advertising shirt also needs to be carefully considered. In this way, when choosing the advertising shirt of the enterprise, the uniqueness and professionalism of the enterprise can be highlighted. Generally speaking, the fabrics of advertising shirts are mainly cotton, which can be high-count cotton or bamboo joint cotton.

2. Advertising shirt customization - size selection

The editor wants to tell you that no matter which big brand or custom manufacturer, they do not have a uniform size standard. First of all, when choosing a custom advertising shirt, be sure to contact customer service about the size. Don't worry about size all the time, just wear what fits you well.

3. Advertising shirt customization - craft and technology

When customizing an Promotional T-Shirts, you can take a closer look at the seams of the clothes, such as the sleeves, which refer to the seams between the body and the sleeves. The workmanship of this link will greatly affect the comfort. the

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