What should be paid attention to when customizing keychains

Now, all kinds of promotional gifts can be said to be varied, and it is not easy to choose a gift that can satisfy yourself and customers from among the many dazzling promotional gifts. If you are still hesitating, Just look at the keychain gift, it is a daily necessities, almost no one will dislike it, and it is often seen that the price is all grades, and it is not easy to damage, if such a keychain gift is used for promotions, go to The repercussions afterward can be imagined.

If you decide to make a custom metal keychain, because it is the first time to contact this kind of keychain gift, you don't know what is the most suitable one, then the editor has prepared a series of information from material to appearance for you to help you understand easily.

First of all, the most important point is that since the promotion, it is necessary to have a keychain that can print its own promotional content. Products that cannot be printed with LOGO are meaningless.


Secondly, what else should we pay attention to when making keychains?


1. Material quality

Keychain products are generally composed of zinc alloy and iron ring. Such products have lower material prices and better plasticity. They are the best choice for customized keychain gifts, and are also the preferred material for many domestic keychain manufacturers. Use more than 90%.


2. Die casting quality

Keychain gifts are generally made of die-casting machines. The die-casting machine is dead and the mold is alive. 95% of the quality of a product depends on the mold, and 5% on the die-casting technology. The die-casting thing depends on the end face and edge. Whether the quality, scratches, collapsed edges, slumps, etc. meet your own requirements. After the die-casting, the product must be installed in combination. When installing some keychains, check whether they are firmly attached to the parts and whether the trimming is smooth.


3. Surface quality

The surface quality of the product is mainly reflected in the coloring and electroplating. The color of the electroplating is determined by itself, such as imitation gold, ancient bronze, nickel, chromium and other metals. Different colors have different standards. How much color difference is there in the electroplated products? Whether the product has been electrified, etc.; the coloring part of the product is very important. This part is generally the part of the LOGO required by yourself. It also depends on the color difference and whether the pattern is natural and smooth. If you give the manufacturer a color number before customizing, the color difference can be reduced. to the minimum.


4. Main dimensions

The size of the keychain product needs to be paid attention to, because if the size is wrong, the customer will feel awkward how to look at the product, or it will bring a lot of inconvenience to the user during use.