it's just a keychain it's not just a keychain

If you give a small keychain to a friend, it is a friendship that expresses brotherhood and sisterhood; if you give it to a relative, it is a family relationship that expresses care and love; if you give it to a lover, it is a sign of close ties and deep friendship. love. But in fact, it is still that small keychain.


Although many people now use combination locks or fingerprint locks, the vast majority of people still use keys. With the continuous improvement of social productivity, the styles and materials of keychains have become more and more abundant, and they have slowly become a kind of gift for others. So what is so special about keychains?

First of all, according to the material, keychains include metal, PVC, leather, wood, crystal, velvet, etc.

1. Metal keychain

The metal keychain is the most common type of keychain. It has been the most widely used keychain type in the past many years. It is made of all metal and may include small items such as nail clippers or ear picks. Metal keychains are usually made of iron, copper, stainless steel and other materials.


2.PVC keychain

Some people may not know about PVC, but if we talk about soft rubber, silicone, etc., everyone is very familiar with it. PVC keychains can be made into various shapes, such as flat, 2D, 3D, transparent, opaque, and scented.


3.ABS keychain

Speaking of ABS, everyone's first reaction may be ABS emergency braking. The ABS here should be said to be ABS plastic, which is similar to PVC, but has better quality than PVC. To make an ABS keychain, you need to open an injection mold and then inject ABS plastic.

4.Crystal keychain

In the eyes of many people, crystal represents nobility, so many of them are used as gifts for girls. Most of the crystal keychains on the market are made of artificial crystals and are made into various keychains, which are quite popular.


5. Leather keychain

Leather keys are mostly made of genuine leather, imitation leather and PU leather. The leather keychains currently on the market are mostly simple, low-key and atmospheric, and not too fancy. But if you want something fancy, you can certainly make it. We We should believe in the wisdom of working people.

6. Wooden keychain

The uses of wood are really a bit too broad. It can be used for anything. Wooden keychains are usually made of harder wood, mostly jujube, rosewood, ebony, etc., and patterns or words can be carved on the wood.


7. Cloth keychain

Just like PVC, cloth keychains can be made into flat, 2D, 3D and other styles, mostly mini-shaped puppets, plush toys and the like.

Secondly, according to functions, in addition to the key function as a keychain, smart working people have also added many fun and practical functions to it, such as U disk, compass, bottle opener, electronic card, outdoor tool kit, positioning function, etc. Anti-lost, etc.

1.U disk keychain

In daily office work, we often use U disks. We often forget them at home or in the office, or accidentally lose them. But keys are essential items for us to go out. With the U disk keychain, mothers no longer need to I'm worried that I can't find the USB flash drive!


2. Bottle opener keychain

The bottle opener keychain may be more suitable for men. Like a USB flash drive, it is also an item that is needed and easy to lose, and it is not easy to carry it with you. But it is different when it becomes a keychain. You can take it with you wherever you go. It can always be used.

3. Compass keychain

Are you often unable to tell the difference between east, west, and north, and it is easy to get lost when going to an unfamiliar place? Prepare a compass specifically for this, but worry about it being digested by others. Buy a compass keychain. It is just a keychain, and it is not just a keychain.


4. Electronic card keychain

Nowadays, traveling or doing things are becoming more and more intelligent. You need to swipe cards for access control, public transportation, payment, and attendance... The electronic card keychain was born for this. It can It is access control card, bus card, parking card, time and attendance card, all-in-one card, etc.

5. Outdoor tool bag keychain

All human inventions are designed to make human life easier and more comfortable, and the same goes for outdoor tool bag keychains. Although it is a small one, it can contain a knife, screwdriver, wrench, wine bottle opener, beer bottle opener, Nail file and other functions.

6. Anti-lost keychain

The anti-lost keychain is a keychain loaded with Bluetooth and a speaker. It can be connected to a mobile phone through Bluetooth. The Bluetooth will disconnect when it exceeds a certain distance. At this time, the keychain will sound an alarm and the mobile phone will also record the lost location. It is quite So a two-way anti-loss object.


According to shape, if keychains are divided by shape, there are many more. Flat ones can be divided into round, square, rectangular, polygonal, special-shaped, hollow, etc.