About Us

Cool Wholesales is an internationally renowned comprehensive sourcing platform dealing with gifts and customized gifts. Innovation, quality, safety and efficient transaction process, pleasant shopping experience and other factors are the cores of our insistence. Through continuous innovation and quality improvement, helping to create a set of "creative, design, production, packaging and distribution," as one professional gift customized service platform.


Cool Wholesales provides business gifts, holiday gifts, commemorative gifts, employee benefits gifts, for about nearly thousands of quality gifts, in order to meet customer diversification, personalized, demand for standardization, our professional team can provide your customized gifts with business targeted programs.


With virtue of the concept of professional services and sophisticated products, Cool Wholesales provided gifts for the thousand-known companies, including Fortune 500 companies and many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises with  customized services.


Cool Wholesalers has been providing gifts and gift solutions to solve the vertical production services for major companies, to enable enterprises to extent a closer relationship with customers, enhance the corporate image and brand value.