How to do a good job in customer relationship maintenance in golf courses?

1. Quickly grasp the types of customers To understand the types of customers from the perspective of psychology, it is necessary to quickly understand the personality characteristics, needs, and emotional characteristics of customers within a short time of interpersonal contact, so as to provide targeted services. As mentioned earlier, players have different personalities, needs, and emotions, which are different from each other.

The personality traits of the guests, the easiest thing to see is the temperament characteristics, such as introversion-extroversion, introverts are not very talkative, extroverts talk a lot; when you meet an introverted guest, you only need to know what he wants to know the most Just tell him about things, he won't talk to you about things outside the court. When you meet extroverted guests, they not only play ball, but also chat. If you serve him like an introverted guest, he will say that you are like a piece of wood.

2. Quickly understand the guest's level. The guest's playing level seems to be calculated by the handicap. However, when playing in the actual game, what the service personnel should quickly understand is not the level of the guest's handicap, but the customer's hitting distance. and batting line characteristics. This is because these two factors involve the customer's club selection strategy, which also involves whether the caddy can prepare the club for the guest in time.

A qualified service staff, after the customer has played a few holes, will know the distance of the customer's shot. When I was playing golf on the golf course, I remembered a service staff Jenny deeply. Her biggest feature is that when you need any clubs, she can give you the clubs that have been prepared, It is amazing. but also had a great affection for her, I am very happy, I tipped her more than others after playing.

Generally speaking, when experienced service personnel prepare clubs for guests, they will take out a few more clubs for preparation, but there are also some service personnel who have three or four clubs in their hands, but do not have any clubs that customers want to use. Go back and run a long way to pick up the pole again for the customer, and leave the customer there to wait for a long time. This kind of service staff will be complained by the customer.

3. Modesty and friendliness. Many service staff always talk about the problems of customers. Either the customer has a bad attitude and likes to scold others, or the customer is too demanding and difficult to serve. In fact, this is caused by the lack of humility and friendliness psychologically. , The stadium must train qualified service personnel.

4. Prepare a customized golf course suit with the company name for the new guest when they enter the course, and send a beautiful golf keychain as a commemorative gift when they leave the course. It can play a role in publicizing the company's culture and impressing customers.