What should be paid attention to in creative gift customization

About what is a creative gift? According to the explanation of Baidu Encyclopedia entry is this: What is a creative gift? It is a special gift, and it is a very creative gift, with a very unique appearance design and very interesting. The most important thing is that this creative gift can surprise others.


So what kind of gift is called creative in my eyes?


I think three things must be met: first, novelty, second, interesting, third, admiration


First of all, you must be novel, which is rare in the market.

Regardless of whether you are completely innovative or improve on other people's products, it is a kind of creativity.


For example, mobile power gifts, others are glossy, you add traditional Chinese cultural elements, of course, you are considered a kind of creativity.


Such as lotus, galloping horse, panda, etc., adding traditional culture to fashion electronics is a kind of creativity and innovation. Let us have a bright feeling. Because most of the mobile power banks that you have seen before are black, silver, white, red, and monochrome, but there are seldom the entire patterned ones. Of course, there is an amazing feeling.


It's an idea in appearance, but also an idea in function.


For example, recently I saw a notebook with a USB flash drive function. This notebook has a USB flash drive directly on the buckle, which can be placed on the buckle when not in use, and can be removed when in use. Combination of notebook and U disk.


Talking about fun, now with the highlight of everyone's personality, with the development of self-media, with people's whims, and with the emergence of a large number of information technology, people always like those interesting and interesting things. And some product ideas are born because of this...


These are three different desk tools, the first is a pen holder, the second and third are business card holders respectively, combining classical craftsmanship with modern practicality, especially the last toad, which makes people think it is quite funny of.


third point of admiration


This point actually goes beyond the creativity itself, because it is not easy for a product to win the praise of others. No matter in terms of appearance or workmanship, there are not many gifts like quality.


But we noticed that for example, Apple, its creativity lies in its simplicity and ease of use, which has a Zen flavor. It has made the application of the details to the extreme, which of course is also a kind of creativity.


What China's creative gifts lack is exactly this extreme. And more of imitation, more of being gorgeous on the outside but terrible on the inside. What everyone fights is not quality and creativity, but price.


No matter at the consumer level or creative product manufacturers, there is a trend of using price as the top match. This result can only make Chinese creative products become a stepping stone for plagiarists, or become a talking point for consumers to attack and not buy it ( Creative things must be more expensive than non-creative)


In addition, in creative gifts, some manufacturers have also fallen into some misunderstandings. The following products should be rejected:


1) Sensationalism, spoof creativity, just to grab people's attention.


Some people may like this kind of idea, but for me, I think it is definitely a bit creepy. This kind of creativity is used in many gifts and handicraft gifts, but the products of this kind of creativity will not last long after all.


2) Creative gifts with rough shapes


In the process of customizing gifts in the past, we received many products sent to us by manufacturers. In fact, the products are very creative, and even the original creators have very fine workmanship, but in the end, a group of counterfeit goods made good ideas into Crudely made crap.


What we want to mention here is the blue and white porcelain gifts. The original idea should be said to come from Shangengtang in Taiwan. Later, there are many blue and white porcelain gifts in Shenzhen.


On the one hand, the workmanship is rough, on the other hand, the quality is very poor, and the power supply capacity is false. Although it is still popular today, it has also caused many gift customization users to suffer from it, so that it is annoying to talk about blue and white.


It can be said that the impact of this destructive power has even affected the well-made blue and white porcelain ware and related industries of blue and white porcelain, which makes people sigh.


3) Gifts are not practical, and creativity is useless


When we come into contact with a lot of gifts, we find a rule that those gifts that can be used frequently by customers must be good gifts. But some gifts are very innocent, especially some craft gifts, the workmanship and creativity are very good, but they are just decoration, and decoration is actually a function.


But when it comes to the user, you are a decoration, no matter how good the creative decoration is, it is placed there, and one day it suddenly takes up the space, and the thing that needs to be removed must be the good-looking but useless thing.


Therefore, when enterprises are purchasing creative gifts, they should not only look at the creativity, but first look at the practicality. Some seemingly uncreative, but practical things are far more impressive than those that are only creative.


This is the case in the gift industry. Gifts first have the practical function of gifts, followed by appreciation and creativity.