what gift for a party

The process of unwrapping presents is a happy and unforgettable experience. So how to give a suitable gift at a party, it is best to give a gift at a party that is something that the other party likes or that the other party likes. It is recommended to send some practical items. Generally, the most useful gifts include key chains, customized T-shrit, photo keychains, flowers, red wine, bottle openers, etc. Let's talk about how to give gifts according to different parties

1. First visit
When you receive a formal invitation to visit someone's home for the first time, whether the person inviting you is a neighbor, a colleague, or an acquaintance you want to develop into a "best friend", bringing a bouquet of flowers or a fruit basket will be very important. is a good choice.

2. Dinner Party
It is said that knowing yourself and the enemy is the only way to survive a hundred battles. Research what the menu is before deciding what to bring. Bringing a bottle of red wine should be pretty safe, and pies or hors d'oeuvres are also good. If you're unlucky enough to go broke, take care of the after-dinner cleanup!

3. Funeral
A funeral is not only a sad ceremony, but a very expensive one too. So, in the days before the funeral, the family usually sets up a fundraiser. All you need to do is ask if you need funding. If the family has not set up a fundraiser, please bring whatever gift you see fit, such as food, drink, or a handkerchief.

4. House Party
The older the owner, the more you have to pay attention. No one likes a freelancer, so remember to take some beer and snacks (or fried chicken), and the wine is also good. If you're a heavy drinker, go straight to the high-strength bar.

5. First business meeting with a new client or partner
After the contract is signed, of course we have to celebrate. At this time, if there is a bottle of champagne, will it be very suitable? If there are some creative small gifts related to the services you provide, it will be even more icing on the cake! International business should pay more attention to the preparation of gifts.

6. Father's Day
There is a song in China called "Only Mom is Good in the World", and Americans usually have the situation of "emphasizing mothers over fathers". If you're very close to your dad, please send something other than a greeting card or a tie. Inviting him to a luxurious dinner at a steakhouse, or giving him a razor you have coveted for a long time, are the best choices.

7. Housewarming
Housewarming and wine celebrations have been going on for a long time, and China and the United States are no exception. However, the current housing prices are so high that it is "out of reach", and more and more young people cannot afford to buy or maintain a house. If you are "fortunate" to attend a housewarming party, please remember, flowers and red wine.

8. Wedding
In order to attend the wedding, you may have spent a lot of money, such as travel expenses, the cost of renting or buying a dress, and the salary bonus lost due to leave, etc... However, gifts are still very necessary! Some couples will list a gift There are also some couples who will ask guests to donate to charity organizations, and some couples prefer cash to fund their romantic honeymoon trip.

9. Bridal Shower
The focus of this Bridal Shower is to "take a gift bath" for the bride with a lot of gifts. Ask the bride for a gift list or send her a gift card. This is different from a woman's bachelorette party, where gifts are usually not required. Of course, if the protagonist orders otherwise, then play it by ear.

10. Celebrate a new baby
If your best friend or a family member has a new baby, you should congratulate them with a gift. A pack of insanely huge diapers, or even a onesie their own kid once wore will make them very happy.

11. Thanksgiving dinner
Taking care of Thanksgiving dinner is a big job. All hosts hope that this important dinner can be perfect and flawless, but there will inevitably be omissions. Bring a homemade side dish, a bottle of wine, a dessert, some extra glasses, tissues, ice and the host will be very impressed.

12. Birthday
There are always some special moments in life that should be surrounded by gifts, such as the first birthday, 18th birthday and 21st birthday. If the birthday person is not so familiar with you, it would be a good choice to invite him to a cup of coffee, a cocktail party or to invite him to lunch.

13. Graduation
If your nephew, niece, or a friend's child is graduating, whether it's elementary, middle, high school, or college, a gift is always in order. If you don't know them well, it's safe to send them a check, a gift card, or treat them to a meal at a restaurant.

14. Romantic Anniversary
On anniversaries, men and women are equal, and gifts must be given to each other. Sending some things that the other party likes and having a candlelight dinner will definitely make your relationship heat up.

15. Christmas
What's the point of Christmas? It's the family sitting around the tree unwrapping presents! But, let's face it, it's the end of the year and the budget is... limited. If your company has a gift exchange routine, a gift under $25 should be fine. Ordinary friends and neighbors, just send a holiday card full of blessings. Good friends and family, then you must prepare well!